with your choice of plum, sweet chili or honey garlic sauces



4 pieces served with tzatziki

tops style dry ribs


served with soy sticky sauce

chicken wings


tops traditional wings

crispy coated wings


16 oz of wings with an extra crispy coating

combo platter


chicken wings, dry ribs &  onion rings with veggies & ranch

onion rings


served with ranch dressing

zucchini sticks


served with ranch dressing

fried pickles


6 pieces served with ranch dressing

chicken strips


5 chicken strips served with plum sauce

sweet chili


8 shrimp smothered in a tangy

chili sauce


potato skins


stuffed with cheddar, mozzarella, bacon bits & green onion

garlic parm fries


fries tossed in garlic & shredded parmesan cheese



fries & cheese curds slathered in gravy

cheese toast


quartered 8" baguette